Tuesday, December 30, 2014

USB Gadgets of Unique Design: Strange or Creative?

Owning a computer is no special thing. In fact a lot of PC users like to personalize the computers, with various peripherals or USB gadgets that can store or move data not only conveniently, but also in a stylish way. USB devices now are able to store more data yet come in comparatively small size or even very unusual design. They just offer us more comfort and convenience, and also have become a subject of interest because of their design and art. We can find a lot of USB gadgets so attention grabbing and interesting that anyone can hardly resist.

We come up with this post to share some of the USB designs with the essence of creativity. Be it a USB drive or a USB cable, these devices have been a source for our innumerable data transfers and even nice decorations for our office table.

This is an very cute USB flash drive that looks as if it is a cork in an empty bottle. Never pour any liquid into the bottle. Otherwise, all of the data will be deleted. Actually, the bottle is a very excellent protector for the USB drive, and keeps it away from moisture or dust. When we need to use it, we can just plug out the cork and insert it into the computer to transmit data.

This is a cool bottle USB drive with even larger memory storage up to 1GB. The cap was made out of opaque black plastic to replicate the real Canadian Club bottle cap. It is an artistic one, with the bottle being printed with a gold 'Canadian Club Whisky 1958'artwork.

It is a USB device with the look of athlete shoes. That’s cute, but remember to put in a place where you can find it easily.

This is biscuit USB drive. Probably never use it when you are hungry.

This is a USB flash drive with bottle opener shape. The flash drive has a functioning bottle opener on the end, with the other end plugging into the PC or other devices. Use it to store data or as a bottle opener. Bring it to work, or bring it out to happy hour.

This is a hand grenade USB device

Edison USB Flash Drive

USB Flash Drive Lighter

I bet most of you will be interested in attaching a device to this USB connector when you say it in public. "Dead drops," a public file sharing project. If you find the address of one these dead drops, then go share your files and partake of others'.

USB flash drive with folder style

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