Thursday, December 4, 2014

Great Ways to Charge Multiple Apple Products Simultaneously

Apple products from iPhone, iPad or iPod are very common for us and most of us may have several Apple devices. They come with chargers and detachable cables which can be plugged into computers for charging. Sometimes, when we are out and we need to charge the Apple devices at the same time, but fail to find all the chargers or enough USB ports. Actually, there are some easy solutions for charging multiple mobile devices simultaneously in an uncluttered manner.

Wall Charger with More Ports

If you have iPhone of different editions, PS4 controller, Nexus, iPad, Galaxy, etc, this wall charger with five ports can be very convenient because besides Apple products, it can charge all the different devices as long as they are powered by USB devices. Usually, it can charge the iPhone 5s in half an hour and even faster in charging a Ps4 golden. The wall charger has a compact and portable design for use on the go.

InCharge Docks for Various iOS Devices

Get such a docking station and it can charge 2, 3 or 5 iPads, iPhones or iPods at once. They are case-friendly because of the adjustable rear supports in each bay. It just makes charging stylish and convenient. The charging dock has a very smart design and super slick look, which can make our mobile devices the focus of attention . It fits neatly on the computer desk and can help clean up the mess of using various charging cords. The charger can offer 10 watts of energy per dock for simultaneously charging multiple iOS devices at once.

iDsonix Multi-Device Charging Station

This charging station can charge iPhone, iPad and even other smart phones or tablets. It is a charging station for multiple devices. The charging station has a smart look. The non slip mat just makes sure a secure hold for all the devices being charged on the station. With such device, there is no need to bring all the chargers for different smart phones with you when you are on a trip. The charging station just brings the charging to a new level of hospitality. Simplicity and compatibility, for it is compatible with smart phone, external battery pack, camera, and all the USB supported devices.

iSound Power View Pro

This charging dock is designed for all Apple devices with a standard 30-Pin charge port.The sliding backrest design makes the possibly flexible adjustment of the dock depth and we can adjust it to perfect viewing position. It can charge and display two devices at the same time. The charger is perfect for an individual’s desk.

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