Thursday, December 25, 2014

Cool Smart Phone Chargers With Unique Design

Smart phones have become a very common household sight. We find bringing the chargers along with us for charging them a bit of a hassle. What if there are cool smart phone chargers to juice our phones in unconventional ways? The techie gadgets shall not just serve as instruments of convenience, but have to offer us style or status statement. Here we would love to share some innovative phone chargers that have unique design concept.

Portable Mini Chargers

This is a really ultra portable charger and probably just changes the way we define ‘new portable chargers’. It has much smaller volume and looks so smart, really ideal for on-the-go charging. It just adopts new paper battery technology, and comes in different capacity, namely, 2 hours, 4 hours and 6 hours. It is designed for urgent use. It is a really clever design-tech that comes to the rescue at the right moment!

Yo Yo Charger

This is a really cool charger design concept, in that we charge our iPhone the Yo Yo style. It is a type of induction powered yo yo charger, with a small on board LI cell inside the yo-yo for storing the electricity generated. The battery will build up a charge while we play the yo-yo. Plug the iPhone and then charge it. It is a cute charger.

Gas Mask Charger

This is a charger with the design of gas mask. We can strap the charger to our face and charge the smart phone by breathing. This is also a way to make the best use of our breath on the pedalo. We charge our phone with the power of our breath. The design concept is not hard to understand, converting the power of breath into electricity with the help of tiny wind turbines. All we need to do is to connect the mask to an iOS-powered device and breathe as usual.

Bracelet Charger

It is a charger and also a bracelet. This charger just combines practicality with style. It can be used anytime anywhere. There is no need to bring a long cord with you when you are out in need of charging the phone. The charger has a small size and can fit onto the wrist. It is a really cool bracelet power source for delivering juice to the iPhone or Android device.

Rubik Cube Charger

If you are Rubik cube lover, you will love this charger. This is a really fancy Rubik's cube with a small manual electric battery inside. We can just twist the cube around and then it will charge the device. It is an innovative idea to charge the phones via electric waves or electric magnetic induction.

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