Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Cool Tech Gadgets For Male Friends as 2014 Christmas Gifts

What have you bought for your dad, husband, boyfriend, brother or other male friends this Christmas? Buying gifts for men is never easy, but it is known to all that men love gadgets, especially the cool tech gadgets. Most electronic gadgets are expensive. But for men, they love gadgets of any sort. They don’t care the cost of the gift, but they will love the gift that is cool and fun. Whether you have got the gifts prepared or you still have no idea, here are some tech gadgets as Christmas presents for men, useful, affordable and decent. Anyway, buy them all for yourself; and we won't judge.

This is a very cool gadget, that takes a classic look of an alarm clock. Combine it with smart phone dock, and let it remind you to get up with classic metal ringing. Most often, we use smart phone as alarm clock, but when we undergo the Monday blues, it might be too noisy to get us out of bed.

Super Speed Hard Drive Docking Station

If your male friends love to repair computers or have not enough hard drives, the hard drive dock station is a nice gift. It is a decent affordable SATA to USB 3.0 hard drive dock station that supports 3TB drives and can copy data in the old computer or any broken computer very conveniently.

Now smart phone is very common tool that we almost bring it with us every moment. If he is smart phone-obsessed, send him this laser projection keyboard so that he will type and click away on the projection as if he is using a real keyboard. This keyboard is portable and can be a very cool gadget for trip. With this keyboard, there is no need to thumb type the smart phone again.

Now we have more data to be stored, whether they are images, file, videos, etc. The more storage device, the better and the larger space it offers, the better. If the storage gadget can be cool, that is even great. Send him a USB key. This is a very cool looking money clop that can be used as a secret USB flash drive. It can store data up to 8GB, really large enough for countless photos.

Send him a USB hub that has more ports for various USB supported gadgets. This is a USB hub with 13 ports. It is a super speed USB 3.0 hub with transfer rate up to 5Gbps, 10x faster than USB 2.0. The sleek apple style design just makes it nice gadget for Mac Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, MacBook, and Mac mini. The ports are compatible with a wide-variety of devices, including iPhone, iPad, HTC Phones, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy Phone, etc. Let this USB hub better organize the desk of your friends.

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