Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cool Gadgets for Men as Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just a few days left, which means gift-buying season is upon us. Have you any good Christmas gift ideas for those tech loving men? For those techie guys, there are some gadgets such as unique USB gadgets or innovative gizmos that are expected to headline wish lists to Santa. Here we have rounded up some of the best cool and affordable gadgets or gizmos that can make awesome Christmas gifts for those high-tech addicts.

Leap Motion Controller: You must be amazed by the movie scene where a man scrolling around the computer just by using the hands without too many efforts? You must have seen that in the movie "Minority Report" starring Tom Cruise. It is really cool to experience that with our own computer. The Leap Motion Controller is such a gizmo that can sense our hands and fingers and then track each of their move. That means, we can control our computer in a 3D way. We can do almost anything without touching anything then. That’s an amazing way that change the way we interact with technology. Geeks must love it. It is only three inches long and plugs into the USB port.

High Speed USB Hub with 13 Ports

Now we have more and more USB gadgets. For geeks, they may have even more USB devices than the USB ports available. Gift them USB hub with more ports during the Christmas season and it is always useful. This aluminum housing USB 3.0 hub has 13 ports, which can help connect 13 USB supported gadgets to the computer at the same time. That is a really massive USB expansion for hard drives, camera, printers, flash drives, mouse and more. The USB hub with so many super fast ports save easily solve the frustration of having multiple devices connected like crossed cables or which cable goes to which device.

For those who are too obsessed with smart phones, this laser projection keyboard might be very great Christmas gift, with which we can type on smart phone. With ergonomic design, it allows us to type on the projection with ease as if we are using a real keyboard. The keyboard can be easily connected with smart phone via Bluetooth. The portable size makes it even a great companion for trip. It is a gadget that brings a lot of possibilities at our fingertips.

If your tech-loving friends love is the one who can not live without music, this shower head wireless speaker is a really chic Christmas gift, especially excellent when you are showering. Enjoy the music during shower time. It is water resistant.

Most of geeks have USB flash drive for saving a lot of important data. But not all of them have very chic flash drives with unique design. Send your gadget addicted friends silver USB flash drive with a storage space of 8GB. The stainless steel flash drive looks sleek and smart. It has such a large memory that is enough for countless photos taken during the holiday season. Besides, it can be used as a money clip as well as a secret USB drive. That’s really multi-functional fashionable gadget.  

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