Thursday, December 18, 2014

iDsonix USB 3.0 10 Port Hub Review

If you own MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, you may have the experience of just lacking the USB ports. This is especially a trouble when we have so many USB gadgets needed to connect our PC or Mac or we are on a trip, having to carry more gadgets or several different chargers for various USB supported gadgets like external hard drives, wall chargers. If you have to attach more devices yet do not have enough ports, USB hub can be the most convenient and easiest way to add more ports.

As for USB hubs, we have different choices. USB hub is now updated at a rather fast speed, with more and more new features and better performance. It is hard to define the best USB hub, but there are a lot of very excellent USB hubs when performance, quality, cost and design are balanced. Here I would love to recommend iDsonix USB 3.0 hub with ten ports, which has been well received among computer users.

The USB hub offers 10 ports of USB 3.0, along with ports for charging smart phone, tablet or other devices. It is compatible with all devices with a USB port. It is now set at $30.99.

The USB 3.0 ten port hub is backward compatible with USB 2.0, serving both as a hub and a charger. The size of the USB hub is just ideal, no larger than it should be for ten ports, yet it sits on the desk and never flop or slide around like other hubs. Nine ports accessible on top are arranged in three sets, each of which has an on-off button. That nearly solves a long-standing problem for this Mac user. The on-off switches on the hub offer a much better workaround option. The additional 5V/2A charging port is another bonus.

The USB hub can transfer data at a rather fast speed, up to 5Gbps for faster sync times. It is lightweight, and the "power-bar" design just saves space, which makes it great choice for trip. The built-in surge protector just help keeps our devices safe. Besides, since it is hot plugged, we can use it when the computer is still running.

We highly recommend this USB hub for those who need lots of extension ports that are separately powered. This USB hub is well rated till now and is nice investment.

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