Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Christmas Gift: Cool Tablet Gadgets Under $60

Christmas is coming. What will you gift your children this year? You have already bought them tablets, smart phones or other digital gadgets. Why not jazz it up with some of the cool Tablet accessories this year? Most of the time, they may go anywhere with the tablet for entertainment. You may have been aware of protective accessories, but there are many other clever accessories that can help expand the functionality of the tablet. So if you are going to send Christmas gifts to those Tablet users, the accessories here can make for ideal gifts, which meet both the useful and cheap criteria. When used with any tablet, they add benefit to the users in different ways. Take a look at the tablet accessories in this collection. It won't cost you much to give it a try, anyway.

Cube Wireless Speaker

Awesome Cube Wireless Speaker $27.99

This is a really cool mini speakers that can be conveniently linked with tablets. It is multi-functional actually. When we are playing music, it can still help us answer phone. The embedded LED lights act not only as a Bluetooth speaker, but also as an artwork. The portable size makes it easy to carry along for traveling, party, outdoor activities. Small as it is, it is actually powerful, which can allow us to enjoy the music up to five hours with internal battery. The looks of this speaker can be a killer. Anyway, very nice gift for kids or friends.

USB Wall Charger With More Ports $17.99

Enough USB port for device is very important especially when we have too many gadgets or when we are out on a trip. This USB AC wall charger from iDsonix has five USB ports, which allows to charge tablet and other four USB supported gadgets at a very high speed. This is really an all-in-one charging convenience. It's a powerful and reliable solution to charging or powering devices easily and quickly wherever at home, at work, at the airport or at the hotel!

Jot Pro $29.99

Tablets are very great for apps, games and more. We can even expand its functionality by adding some accessories like this Jot Pro for note-taking and drawing. This is especially useful for those tablet users who would often have to take handwritten notes in meetings. Jot Pro is a preferred stylus, for its rubber grip, sensitive pressure point, sleek metal look and most importantly precise stylus. It can magnetically attaches to our tablet or iPad for storage and transport. The fine tip of this gadget just allows us accuracy that rubber nibs can't.

Auto-fit Keyboard for Tablet $51.97

Sometimes we love to use a keyboard with the tablet, but usually, the keyboards available for tablets are very few. This keyboard is a nice choice that can fit virtually any 7-inch tablet. Besides offering coverage against scratches, dirt, and impact damage, its has a unique spring-loaded cover that adjusts to fit large-form tablets. We can use it to type faster and more accurately. The right size makes it nice companion to carry with on the go.

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