Thursday, December 18, 2014

Tips for Buying Hard Drive Docking Station

Whether you like to do computer repairs or you have to update the old computers, HDD dock is very necessary. Similar to external hard drives, hard drive dock stations actually are more convenient in transferring data. All we need to do is to connect it to USB, insert the hard drives and power it on. We can copy data in the old drives without cracking open the case.

Among all the different computer peripherals, hard drive dock stations are more and more common. We have more choices. There are different models of the hard drive dock which may differ in performance and cost. If you still have no hard drive docking station and no experience of buying any HDD dock yet you need one, here are some tips that can help you nail down the right choice.

What is a hard drive docking station?

Hard drive docking station is a type of computer peripheral which offers us easy access to data stored in hard drives with the help of USB, eSATA or both the two means. When we try to access the data in the drive via hard drive dock station, we do not have to install the hard drive into the computer. Besides accessing data, it can also read and write the drives.

How does hard drive dock stations work?

Different types of hard drive docking station may work in slightly different ways. We can connect a hard drive dock station to computer or Mac by USB. All we need to do is to insert the hard drive into the docking station slot, plug it and power it on. Then, connect the data cable to the computer and let the computer itself detect the hard drive. As for the connection via eSATA, the PC or Mac has to remain power off at first. We insert the hard drive into the slot and plug it on. Turn on the power. Attach the cable to the computer before we power it.

Common uses of HDD?

Hard drive docking station is very common and useful computer peripheral in copying data to external drives. The HDD allows for data transfer at very fast speed. They just speed up the testing of the hard drives and simplify the data recovery.

Things to consider when we buy HDD dock?

When we buy a new HDD dock station, we need to pay attention to the interface, which has much to do with compatibility. Different interfaces of the HDD may decide compatibility with different formats. Most of the hard drives of older computers or IDE are characterized by a series of small prongs protruding from the top yet new ones or SATA have a bar across the top with several brass fingered coverings. We need to ensure the docking station can support multiple formats.

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