Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tech Gadgets as 2014 Christmas Gifts Under $100 That Looks Decent

Christmas season is here and there is a lot of shopping to do, especially the Christmas gifts for family members or friends. There are too many choices and if you have no idea, here are some excellent and useful tech gadgets that will not break your bank yet still look decent. Make sure you order in plenty of time for the Christmas rush!

Water Dancing Speakers $39

The USB mercury dancing water speaker is a really chic and flashy device that still won't break our bank. The water dancing speaker combines the colored water jets and LED lighting. It can beats with the water jets when playing the music. It can be connected to notebook, smart phone, iPod or other devices with 3.5mm stereo audio connector. Just ramp up the music and see the water bounce along with the beat. The higher the music sound, the higher the water will dance.  If your friends are interested in some unusual speakers then this is the right choice.

Charging Station for Multiple Devices $25.99 on Amazon

The charging station is a very attractive USB gadget and not expensive gift for friends. It can charge multiple devices at the same time. The compact design makes it even a good companion for trip. The charging station can help hide our cables away and organize the devices on the station well. We can use any of the four USB ports to offer juice to smart phones, cameras, iPad, tablets or other USB powered devices.

Touchscreen Gloves $9

Gift him or her a pair of touchscreen gloves, which enable them to keep hands warm while still using the smart phones, tablets, iPad or other touchscreen devices. The gloves made from conductive thread can be used to send texts, play games or search the internet while we use them without taking them off. They are affordable, yet very useful for they always keep the fingers toasty while using devices in the cold winter.

Super Speed USB Hard Drive Docking Station $19.99

If your friend is inclined towards personal computing DIY tasks, this USB hard drive dock is probably very ideal gift. The HDD dock can help access the internal hard drives of old computers directly from a different computer. It can access and fix several internal 3.5" HDDs from the malfunctioning Windows server. effortlessly and transfer or burn several files and directories onto the DVD ROM. I strongly recommend it for those IT professionals as well as your friends who needs to archive and access large amount of files on a not-too-frequent basis.

Dr Who Tardis Projection Alarm Clock $39

This is a must-have for all the Dr. Who lovers. If your friends are also fan of Dr. Who, this might be very excellent Christmas gift. Besides, it is not expensive. It can serve as a very memorable Christmas gift. It will be cool to be awakened by the Doctor. It can project the time on the ceiling so we can see the time ticks away yet lounging comfortably in bed.

Metal Warrior Phone Stand $78

Most of phone users have phone stand, but I don't think a lot of you have such art phone stand. It is a metal warrior phone stand for placing the smart phone on a desk. Nuts, bolts and chains all form the special figure. The stand is suitable for some smart phones that are maximum of 7.4cm in width and 1.3cm in depth, such as iPhone 6. Samsung Galaxy S4. I am sure your friends will love this cool stand for iPhone or other smart phones.

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