Thursday, December 25, 2014

Backward Looking Yet Stylish Gadgets for Smart Phones

Welcome to Christmas. We love to celebrate how forward thinking we are now. Back to a few years, a lot of electronic or digital devices we use no longer exist. Do you still remember the look of the first music player you used? Gadgets, whether computer peripherals or electronic accessories  just update at a rather fast speed and some of them have become obsolete. It is very great to find some of the suppliers have the idea of incorporating some elements of the retro gadget into the new ones for a rather refreshing result.

Here I would love to share some awesome retro gadgets for our smart phone. Say hello to the new face of good old days.

Retro Phone Handset

This is a really cool phone handset, a perfect combination of coolness and retro style. A bit of retro is always the right way to make modern things look cooler than they are. Most often, we will choose to clean the phone screen after prolonged talk over the phone. But this handset is ergonomic and life safer one for the phone screen. It is a really nice handset when we have to make long talks.

Tape Cassette Retro Case

Tape cassette is a past and now we seldom see such things. But if you love to listen to music on the phone, choose this cassette phone case and just enjoy the music. It is retro and trendy.

iPhone Film Scanner

We can scan film straight into the smart phone with this retro style gadget. The device will illuminate the film with the help of a battery-powered back-lit screen. We can frame the image on the phone screen by using a special app. It is really a fun to instantly scan and share films to Instagram or Facebook via our smart phone. It offers unrivaled speed and convenience when compared to other film scanners.

Dock & Alarm Clock

This is a dock that takes a look of traditional alarm clock. It is a retro alarm clock styled docking station, made of solid walnut with features of a brushed aluminum or glossy resin face plate and  a long USB cable. Start the clock app, the dock the iPhone will serve as a really cool alarm clock with retro look.

Microphone Speaker

It is a really cool gadget for those who care about whimsical designs. It is just a type of microphones from 89’s. It can do what modern counterpart can do.  

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