Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Spruce Up Your Desktop With These USB Gadgets in Office

Office is most often a place that lacks fun and emotion. But most of our daytime is spent in the office. We can make some change by getting some cool gadgets to make it a more personal, creative and even like home where we can entertain ourselves during breaks.

As for office environment, most often we can do very little change to the aspects such as furniture, wall decoration, overhead lights. But we can do a lot of decoration to our own desk or desktop. Today, the desktop becomes more stylish. We can add more USB gadgets to our desk and connect them to our computer, for enhancing the style factor of our work area and for convenience we benefit from technology. Here are some of the best creative USB gadgets for desktop.

USB Aroma Heater with Mood Light

This USB aroma heater with mood light can make perfumed atmosphere. It is really nice gadget for office area. The color of the lights can change between different colors. This USB gadget is actually multi-functional, for it has radio and speaker. We can plug it our MP3 player or iPod to listen to music. The soft color changing light, the music and the gentle aroma are really excellent for soothing our mood and just makes us relax.

USB Hub with Power Adapter

We may have a lot of devices with USB ports on our desk, from USB flash drive, mouse, keyboard or even some other USB gadgets for work. But our computer has limited number of USB ports available. We need a USB hub that can adds extra more ports. This USB 3.0 Hub adds 7 more USB ports to our computer to connect 7 USB devices for accessing or charging. We can connect USB devices such as digital cameras, external hard drives, flash drives, and printers from a single hub to our computer. For one thing, it solves the lack in USB ports. For another, it better organizes the cables or cords on our desk.

USB Cable Drop

This is also one of the useful USB gadgets that can keep our desk in good order. The gadget can well blend in with our decor. We can hide it under ledges or accent it with light. It can prevent our USB cables from falling off the desk and more importantly, it keep the cables in good control.

USB Cell Battery

The USB battery is a special one for it is recharged via USB port. We can charge it from PC, laptop, monitor, etc. It is a very brilliant USB gadget, portable and eco-friendly. We can bring it with us during trip out. As long as we can have access to USB ports, we can recharge it and then use it to power our PC peripherals such as wireless mice or keyboards.

USB Heating Gloves 

The winter is just here. The USB glove is actually great USB gadget that keeps our hands warm when we have to work in front of the computer typing all the time in cold weather. It can offer best protection against frostbite. It is even very great Christmas gift.

USB Universal E-mail Notifier

This is a USB gadget that offers us great convenience. It can connect to our private email account and works in the background to inform us each time when there is a personal email for us. It can even tell us the capacity of unread emails. Very useful if we have to receive a lot of emails during work.

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