Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Multiple Devices Organizer: Best & Affordable Charging Station

Most of us may have little desk space when we charge our mobile gadgets. For me, I am bored with the mess of cables and cords at home or in the office. So many digital gadgets we have now! When our family members all have several mobile devices, it would be really tiring to see even worse mess of the devices and cables. We need to do something to get all the devices under better control. Then multiple device charging station comes. They charge several devices and still get the desk in good order.

Now charging stations are various in designs, USB port numbers, etc. We can get the pick in designs, from simple stands with more device placeholders to mini desk that offers us extra space for storing more small items. It is very easy to find one to match our budget and our need. Here I would love to share some nice charging station at affordable price. Get a new charging station for 2015.

Charging Station with More USB Ports:

If what you need is an organizer for a desk that can charge and hold several devices, there are a lot of inexpensive charging stations that come with more USB ports and slots tightly holding the gadgets while you charge them.

iDsonix Multi-Device 4 Port Charging Station

This charging station can blend into any room decor and is useful in keeping our computer desk free from clutter or mess. It can charge four digital gadgets at the same time, iPhone, iPad, mini tablet, or other smart phones. Its customized USB ports can charge almost any type of smart phone or tablet. The cables of the mobile devices can just be well organized inside. The non slip mat of the charging station just ensures secure hold for the devices while they are charged. It is a gadget that we can share with our family members when we all have to charge the phones or iPad.

For those with fewer power outlets than mobile devices yet who still have no power strip or power adapters, the most convenient way to charge several devices at the same time is to use a charging station with several ports. Just plug in each device's USB charging cable into one of the ports. The whole family can get the devices juiced up from a single power source with the station!

Charging Station for Travel

Now we are used to travel with multiple mobile devices. It’s necessary to organize them better and keep them powered any time we need to use them. It is not easy, but a portable charging station can make things easier. The charging station for travel is usually the lightweight and compact one that we can pack as an organizer for all the devices and cables. Open it in the hotel and plug in everything in one go!

This is a charging station that might be great travel companion. It can get all the cables well organized.Complete with a zip-up bag, it's the companion that helps us forget about all the trouble caused by tangled cables or space-guzzling adapters.

Charging Station with Power Strip Storage

Charging station can be multi-functional. Besides offering us a clutter-free way to charge multiple devices simultaneously, some of the charging station come with hidden storage for a power strip and sometimes even extra storage for a variety of desktop accessories. This is the best solution for completely hidden cables.

This wooden charging station has storage space. The drawer can hold pens, keys and other tiny gadgets we have. Still it can charge smart phones or other devices. It is very ideal gadget for an office desktop, kitchen counter, or the hallway console table.

Docking Charger Cradles

We can use docking charger cradles that will not involve the use of any USB cables. This modern looking anti-fingerprint docking station is used for rapid charging of various smart phones, tablets, Kindle, iPad and other devices. It can charge 4 devices at the same time with a 5V/4A maximum output .

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