Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Valentine Gift Ideas: Awesome & Useful Gadgets as V-Day Gifts for Men

Wow, it's that time of the year again when love just takes the front seat. Valentine Day 2015 is just a few days away. What to get for the men this Valentines Day? Usually, men choose a lot of things such as chocolate, sexy dresses, jewelry as gifts to their girlfriends or wives. When it comes to choosing Valentines Day gifts for men, sometimes it is hard to pick something that we feel a man may love. Here I bet you will end up with a list of gadgets. Yes, men are crazy about cool gadgets, electronic gadgets or other gadgets that are fun and useful. Here we have selected some gadgets which can be gifted as a V-day present for men.

Juice Pack for iPhone 6

If your boyfriend has just got a new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 plus during the New Year, gift him a juice pack, which can be used as a cover and power bank as well. It is multi-functional gadget that comes as an excellent extension for battery product. As a battery case, it can protect the new iPhone. As a charger, it can offer extra juice. The juice pack is excellent in its battery capacity and smart size and dual function. The cost of juice back air is about $99.

5-Port USB Wall Charger

Still if your boyfriend is an Apple-addict, or exactly he has iPhone, iPad, and other Apple devices or even more, he must have a lot of chargers. Gift him an AC wall charger that can power several USB supported digital devices at the same time and this can make his desk neat as well as save time for charging various devices. The AC wall charger now is $17.99. Gift him this charger for all-in-one charging convenience.

Parrot RNB6 Car Stereo

Men love cars and are crazy about driving. When we send him such an amazing gadget that combines drive and music, they will love it. This car entertainment system brings the dashboard a smarter and fashionable look. The features such as voice controls, Bluetooth hands free calling just make it cool. It can be used with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It is awesome though its possible pricing is a bit high.

Smart Gadget for Capturing Images

Men love fresh gadget and this ScapCam is just such a gadget that allows us to capture images and videos in HD quality and live stream them to the internet. We can tape the gadget once for taking a photo, twice for recording video and third for live streaming video. Compatible with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it is a really cool V-day gift for him and now available at just $80.

Smart Cufflinks

Men need to have some cufflinks which can add smart touch to their image when they have to attend special occasions while wearing suit. It is very necessary to gift them a pair of cufflinks that have special meanings, such as the ones with the theme of their favorite football team, the cars, etc. Or try to gift him cufflinks with some special message you want to give him. Or even bring him USB cufflinks, the gadgets that can be used to store data.

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