Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Review on iDsonix 4 Port AC Wall Charger

What type of chargers do you prefer charging your mobile devices, mobile chargers or AC wall chargers? AC wall charger can recharge various USB devices such as laptops, smart phones, iPad, tablets very quickly. Most of the commonly used digital gadgets now are charged by AC wall chargers, which are the main power source for internal rechargeable battery.

In the market, we can find a variety of AC wall chargers, from different brands with different USB port numbers and of different designs. It is also known that smart phones can be charged faster using 2.1 A AC wall chargers than 1A chargers. Then what wall charger are you using now?

Just update your charger to AC wall charger with 2.1A USB port for quick charging. Here we would love to review iDsonix AC wall charger with two 5V 2.1A port and two 5V 1A port for iPhone, iPad, smart phones, tablet PC, external battery pack, camera and other USB powered device. It is now at Amazon for $16.99. See how the customers review on this wall charger.

Basic features of the AC wall charger:

The AC wall charger allows four USB supported devices to be recharged at a full speed at the same time, with two 2.1 USB charging ports for iPad, tablet or other high power digital devices and two 1A USB ports for iPhone, cell phone and other devices. The surge protector inside the charger just offers a secure and reliable charging. There is no need to use after market adapters.

Reviews on the wall charger:

“Most phones and tablets come with a 2A charger these days, leaving the 1A behind. While you can still use the 1A ports with a device that comes with a 2A charger, there is a chance that your device will charge at half the normal rate.” With two separate USB ports for different devices that require different power, this wall charger is much more convenient.

“Construction is solid, good materials used. No feet on this puppy. The front LED is *very* bright, so this is not likely something you want to use the bedroom without modification. The power cord used it a universal two prong, so replacing it in the event of loss, dog chewing, etc will not be an issue.” The charger is constructed with quality ABS material and exquisite workmanship & style, The compact and portable design makes it nice companion for trip.

“Works well but a bit bulky... This unit is bulky: 4 1/4 x 3 3/4 x 1 3/8 inches..”

“Bought this for traveling. It is very lightweight, and the curved design makes it easy to pull in and out an overstuffed suitcase...” Size can be small or big for different people.

Generally, the wall charger gains a lot of positive reviews, in that it is useful in a house, sturdy and looks good. The cons might include the cords or not lightweight enough for traveling.

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