Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New Arrival of Computer Peripheral Accessories From iDsonix

Are you loyal buyer of any certain electronics and peripheral accessories brands? Or you always get any new gadget and accessories based on the users’ reviews and compare them to find the most affordable one? If you belong to the latter buyer, you might not want to miss the new arrival of computer peripherals that are well rated among customers at the most affordable price from iDsonix. Here are some of the new peripherals.

iDsonix 5-Bay 3.5 Inch Hard Drive Protective Case

This is a hard disk drive storage box priced $19.99 available on Amazon. Made of high grade engineering plastic, the hard disk case offers strong and reliable protection for 3.5 inch hard drive disks. It is anti-static, proof to shock, moisture and dust. Just rest assured for the safety of your data stored in the hard disk drives. The structure design makes it easy to be assembled, without any need of screws. The storage case can well organize our hard drives especially when we have more hard drives with valuable files or data that need safe storage.

IDsonix Internal Hard Disk Drive Mounting Bracket

This is a hard disk drive bay tray for mounting 3.5 inch hard drive to 5.25 inch hard drive. It just offers a very easy extension to rescue multiple CD-ROM space. Priced $19.99, it is now available on Amazon with generally 4.4-star reviews. The draw-out design of the mounting bracket requires no tool when we want to exchange of any hard drives. It has built-in damping shrapnel which can help effectively reduce shock and protect the disk. When you want to replace the drive? Press the power button on the rack, open the rack, pull the drive out and pop in another. Power it back up. This is an awesome addition to the computer.

iDsonix Dual Bay Docking Station

This is a docking station with dual bays for both 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch Sata, HDD or SSD. It is now available on Amazon at the price of $39.99. It can expand the storage space to 8TB and realize a data transfer speed up to 5GBPS. It enables the operation of data copy offline, with speed up to 60M/s or faster. With built-in protection of overcurrent, overvoltage, short circuit, it just ensures data secuity. The hard drive dock station offers swapppable access to hard drive, so the operation for data recovery, drive imaging, and other operations that require fast access to uninstalled or archived drives can be much easier. For computer users with a lot of data to be backed up frequently, the dock station seems necessary.

iDsonix External Hard Drive Enclosure Dock Station

This is an aluminium safety lock external hard drive enclosure docking station. It is priced at $32.99 now on Amazon. It support 3.5 inch SATA hard drives up to 4TB. Made of high-quality ultra-thin metal, it offers better heat dissipation. The installation requires no tool. Equipped with a separate power supply control switch and safety lock, it prevents accidental pop-up hard drives and can avoid damage to data or equipment.

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