Wednesday, January 21, 2015

5 Of the Most Practical iPhone Accessories You May Need

Smart phones seem indispensable to our life. We have to use them for almost everything, chatting, booking a ticket, watching videos on the way, conducting mobile shopping, etc. That is why mobile accessories are also important. The peripheral accessories for smart phones can not only protect our phones from any scratch after a fall, but also make us better utilize the smart phones.

How many peripheral accessories do you have right now for your smart phone? When will you do a upgrade of the accessories for those multi-functional and more efficient ones? From wall chargers with more USB ports to phone cases, here is a look at some of the most affordable and very practical iPhone accessories that you may need in 2015.

4-in-1 lens for wide-angle and macro shots

Among so many different camera accessories for iPhone in the market, which one are you using now? Olloclip 4-in-1 lens are the one made to fit iPhone 6 that realizes macro and wide angle shots. It is now available on Amazon priced $80. It is a fun way to greatly enhance the capability of the iPhone for taking photos with the fish-eye which helps eliminate the dark corners. It is one of the best mobile accessories for its good combination of quality and practicality. Its macro performance is quite impressive, but still susceptible to hand shake. If you are looking for a way to add wide angle and macro capabilities to your iPhone, this one is a nice choice.

Multi-Device Charging Station

Is your desk still in a mess of tangled charging cables and cords? Do you still have to bring all of the different chargers for iPhone, iPad and other smart phones with you when you are out on a trip? No more cord octopus and keep your trip a bit lightweight with an update to your charger. This charging station can charge multiple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, and other tablets. It can keep all the cords inside the unit well and no mess again. Priced $29.99, it is a really affordable addition to your phone accessories.

2-Meter-Long Lightning Cable

It is annoying when the cable is so short that it can hardly reach from under the nightstand to the bed, isn't it? If you encounter such trouble, upgrade your cable with a longer one, say, this 2 meter long lightning cable. Priced $32, it offers us more flexible reach to distance within 2 meters. We can glance at the feeds on iPhone while it is still charged at the wall a bit far away from our bed.

Tempered Glass Screen Protector

iPhone 6 is expensive and you may want it to last longer. The necessary and most reliable protection for your iPhone 6 is to get a heavy duty screen protector, like this tempered glass protector. The glass cover can protect the phone, without leaving any awkward bubbles on the display, on which we can still put a case. It is now $35, a bit expensive than those common protectors, but it is worth the investment. The glass is coated with shatterproof film. The special treatment of the surface just helps repel natural oils in our finger and we can read our screen even when it is in direct sunlight.

Multi-functional Charger

Have you ever got such a phone charger that can change from a regular case into a battery pack? This is a cool charger, with functions of case and battery. Takes off the battery portion and it will become a sleek shell. With the battery pack placed on the magnetic strip. It can charge the phone. Such cool charger is now $60.

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