Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Have you got these chargers for your smart phone in 2015?

Smart phones seem very important digital gadgets that find their way in almost every aspect of our life. Smart phones even have been cross used with other products, such as refrigerators, cameras, TVs, cars, etc. They have become more and more impressive. There are more and more digital accessories that even enhance the power of smart phones. In the coming future, we may have access to wireless chargers, ultra-fast cables, and other gadgets that just make our smart phone more convenient and penetrate further into our life.

Whatever smart phones we use, we need to frequently update the digital peripherals of our phones. Then how many smart phone accessories do you have right now? What kind of accessories do you still lack? Here are some of the popular smart phone chargers that you need to get or expect to get for better control of your phone.

USB-C Connector for Fast Power & Data Connection

Most of the Android phone users may have to check whether the USB cable is in the correct position when they try to insert the cable into the phones for power or data connection. The USB-C cable just ends this trouble. This plug is a big step forward and just greatly simplify things.

USB-C connector is small enough to work for small peripheral devices. With Type-C, a USB cable's both ends will be the same. We do not need to worry about plugging it in upside down. It realizes fast connection. Besides, it supports bi-directional power. Our smart phone can receive a charge when transferring data to printer or other gadget over the same cable. It is backward compatible with USB 3.0 and USB 2.0. Update your USB cable to USB-C type which will simplify the way we work with devices.

Charger That Charge Our Phone From Across a Room Without Wires

Forget the USB cable and charge the smart phones or other devices without wires with this charger. The charger can send energy via RF signal to our electronic devices, which can then be converted into battery power. When battery power capacity of our phone just drops below a certain point, the battery will soon recharge it. Just like the Wifi signal, the closer our phone to it, the faster the charge. This is wire-free charging for our smart phones as long as they are connected to an external receiver and 15 feet away within reach by the charger.

Portable Charger That Can Charge Several Devices Simultaneously

We have more and more mobile devices, smart phone, iPad, tablets and some even have smart phones of different brands. We need to get a smart charger that can charge different phones at the same time. This USB AC wall charger with five ports is such a charger that can recharge iPhone, iPad, Galaxy and other USB supported devices at home or even on a trip.

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