Thursday, January 15, 2015

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Geeky Sweetie

It is that time of the year again! I know why you are here, either by a search engine or for the reason that stands among the rest: you are in search of the best affordable gifts for your sweetie! The stores are now wall-to-wall with roses, chocolate, cards, and such common things that you have already sent to your partner in the former Valentine and the things that can hardly bring a surprise to your sweetie, especially if he or she is technology-inclined ones or geeks.

It is still about one month away from the Valentine's Day and you still have a lot of choices. If you want to save the trouble from picking one present from so many choices, here are some V-day gift lists mostly for your geeky partners and they are mainly computer peripherals or digital peripherals that they may rather get for an upgrade to their gadgets than jewelry or roses. Still not sure what she or he'd want? No worries! Give the gift of gadgets.

Headphones that combine music and fashion

We all know fashion and music come hand in hand. Such headphone is just the gadget that comes in stunning colors and textures. Gift her or him such a headphone for an upgrade to the old ones. The tones and sleek design just come together to add raw beauty to the music. Red is a Valentine’s color, I suppose and she must love it. Of course, for the males, this is also a suitable one during this special time.

USB hub for tidy table

Send him or her such a USB hub for better organization of the table. We know most of us may have a lot of digital devices and peripheral accessories, which come with a lot of cords and cables. For geeks, they may even have more such gadgets and cords and the trouble is the lack of USB ports or mess of the cables on the table. The USB hub with more USB ports can organize all the devices. Still, the functional gadget just ensures no need to separate charging for our phone and tablets.

USB Flowers

Flower is to love what sunshine to warmth. Yes, we can always see red roses in the lover' hand on Valentine's Day. Though roses are too common gifts, we can make them special, say, the USB flowers. Since the common roses are beautiful, but they are useful once they get withered. Such a bunch of USB flowers are actually useful and your geeky girlfriend will surely appreciate such USB hub.

Heart USB Flash Drive

And finally, jewelry! Yes, jewelry is still common gift for V-day. But for a tech girlfriend who has little interest in expensive jewelry yet shares a lot of nice memory with you, gift her such a heart shaped USB flash drive. It can store a lot of data and still can be used as a jewelry.

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