Thursday, January 8, 2015

Tips for Right Electricity for Electrical Devices We Bring During Trip?

What will you bring with you when you are on a trip, say, an international one? Will you take the things that need electricity? Usually, we need an adapter plug, a voltage converter or transformer. Here we would like to share some tips for you to power up with confidence during trip.

The electrical devices or digital peripherals we use need electricity of different voltages. Those heating devices or device using mechanical motors are dual-voltage, including hair dryer, electric shaver, water heater while those devices using chips or electronic motors are multiple-voltage, including laptop, tablet, e-reader, smart phones, camera, battery chargers. Whatever types the devices are, they need an adapter plug to work in 220V foreign outlets.

There are some electrical devices which are a bit different. They are single voltage ones and require extra voltage converter or a transformer. There is a need to learn about how to read the power supply label of the devices which show whether a voltage converter or transformer is necessary.

Usually, the input of the single voltage device is AC120Vac 60Hz 200W, dual-voltage one AC120/240V 50-60Hz 1300W and multiple-voltage one AC100 - 240V 50-60Hz 14W. Devices with voltage range between 100 and 120V are thought to be single voltage one, for they will not accommodate a 220V power supply.

We need to bring with us an adapter plug to adapt it to 220-volt power supply when we travel to other countries, especially if the devices we take are not single voltage ones and also when the single voltage device is different from the power supply at our destination. Bring with you a voltage converter or transformer.

Now most converters can work as both converter for high watt electrical gadgets and transformer for low watt electric gadgets. Low watts would range up to 25W or 50W, typical for small personal electronics. Electrical heating units may need a “high” setting because they consume 1000W to 2000W.

If you are going on trip to Italy with single voltage electric toothbrush, bring with you an adapter plug for Europe and a converter to reduce the 230V power supply into the 120V power supply. For proper operation of the devices, remember to convert the voltage.

Since now we have more and more mobile devices that are charged via USB cable, we need to take the correct cable for the devices. For better organization and more space, remember to take only one USB wall charger with more USB ports plus a right adapter plug. If not, bring with you the relevant charger for each of the electronic gadgets.

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