Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Which USB Hub Do You Need to Get?

Our desktop computers now come with more USB ports, but when we have a lot of USB-based gadgets, such as mouse, printer, memory card reader, charging cables for smart phones, digital cameras, keyboard, etc, we will need more USB ports. Actually, we need a USB hub. A USB hub is to USB gadgets what a power strip to electronics. We need only one hub to split the ability of one USB port on our computer among many USB supported gadgets just in a similar way a power strip divides the electricity from a single outlet among various electrical devices.

Similar to the power strips, USB hubs are not created equal. There is a lot of discrepancy among features, specifications, quality or even safety between different USB hubs. Read on to know which USB hub you need next time.

Get the Most Current Standard USB Hub

The USB standard actually has experienced several iterations ever since its release. Each iteration has its features, and the transfer rate is probably the most obvious one. Other difference lies in features of charging specifications and data process. Now there are less USB 1.0 hub available in the market, but still a lot of USB 2.0 hubs and USB 3.0 hubs. USB 2.0 hub is now still fine for the current needs. But when the price difference between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 is negligible, why not get a USB 3.0 hub for faster transfer speed. The newer USB standard is more compatible with the former USB hubs.

The More Ports the Better

If you are in need of four extra USB ports today, you’d better get a USB hub with 6 or more ports because there will be another gadget you need to add in later. It is sensible to spend extra dollars for a few more ports. It pays back if you buy a bigger USB hub next year or add a USB expansion card to your computer.

Other Features of USB Hub

For safe use of the gadgets, get a USB hub with solid and safe build construction. Besides, USB hubs are different in some other aspects. For example, some of the USB hubs have tiny LED. Some of the modern USB hubs include power switches. Some hubs have a small power button that offers us the ability to toggle the whole hub on and off. If the extra cost for the USB hubs with more new features is negligible, get the USB hubs with more features.

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