Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cool & Affordable Gadgets for Tech-Loving Girls Under $100

Struggling for gift ideas for your girl friends who are tech-obsessed during the holidays? For tech addicted girls who always go after the cut-edging and newest technology, it is not easy to find the gadget that best suit them. Yet, one point is clear here. Female tech lovers love both style and function of the gadgets that you may send to them. Such gadgets can sometimes be difficult to find and even harder to choose between. Then think about such questions here: What's hip? What's new? What actually works? Still, ask about the budget. The right tech device can change our life, but does not have to break our band. Try some creative picks here under $100.

touchscreen gloves

Touchscreen Gloves for Cozy Connection $30

The winter is coming. Girls love to use the digital devices most of the day. Touchscreen gloves are actually nice gifts because they can help save the fingers this winter. Girls will love the sleek look of the gloves. Besides, the gloves will not affect the experience of using the digital devices. Give girls gloves so that they will not expose the finger to the cold, for better protection as well as stylish look.

cup charger

Cup Shaped Charger $33

As coffee lovers, I really think this cup shaped portable chargers is really great. This cup charger looks cute and interesting. If your friend loves to frequent coffee store, this coffee cup shaped charger may be nice gift. It is actually a flexible power adapter, that can power up to three gadgets at the same time. It can charge camera, smart phones, laptops, etc. It is portable and also very nice device for trip.


13 Port USB 3.0 Hub $69.99

Tech-addicted girls may have a lot of digital devices, especially the USB gadgets. USB ports are usually limited in number. Give them USB hub with enough ports that can power various devices with a rather high speed. This USB 3.0 hub with 13 ports is a nice gift. It has two super fast charging ports with the latest powerful VIA chipset which can support various operation systems, such as Mac OS, Windows 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista, etc. The hub has a very sleek design. The transfer rate can reach up to 5Gbps. Girls will love this hub that have all the iphone, computer, tablets, etc plugged at the same spot.

charger with heat

Device Charges Your Phone With The Heat From Coffee

Just imagine when a tech-loving girl receives this USB-connected device that makes best use of the heat from the coffee cup to power the smart phone. That's an amazing gift, and I am sure this might be what girls will think about. It is much like a tiny edition of the oldest Stirling Engine in the world. Just place the cold object on the gadget and heat it. The heat will be designed to generate 5W of power which is just suitable for a phone charger. It's slow and steady heater as well as charger, more of a novelty than anything else.

wall charger

5-Port USB AC Wall Charger $15.99

If your friend has iPhone, Galaxy, Mini and other USB powered devices, just update her chargers with just one charger - USB charger with 5 ports. The multi-device charger can actually charge  an iPhone 5s, ps4 golden headset, a ps4 controller or an iPad simultaneously. It may need 30 minutes to fully charge iPhone 5s and half an hour for the ps4 controller. The speed is fast. All-in-one charging is really convenient if girls are out with more digital gadgets.  

cell phone lens

Phone Lens $25

If your friend is not only addicted to USB gadgets, but also attached to taking photos, the external smart phone lenses are great devices because they can create and store the most awesome photos without the use of camera. It is really hard to believe that we can take more photos of high definition without taking the camera equipment. They attach to most cell phones magnetically, and work well for long-distance shots.

multifunctional keyboard

Multi-Tasking Keyboard $100

Update her keyboard with this multi-functional one, which can connect to our computer via USB or wirelessly connect to our smart phone. It is really a cool keyboard for PC, smart phone.

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