Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Top Useful & Cool Accessories for Smart Phone

So you own the smart phones, what's next? Is your smart phone really smart? We need vrious smart phone accessories, I suppose. There are various cool smart phone gadgets that we can get for our smart phones, whether for entertainment, protection for our phone, smart look of the phone or practical use, we need more gadgets.
charging station

Multi-Device Charging Station

We have more mobile devices, iPhone, iPad, Tablet and other smart phones. Multi device charging station is a very useful gadget for phone users, especially when we are out for a trip. The charging station can charge iPhone or smart phones of other brands and even those high power mobile devices. The charging station accepts all the different kinds of USB cables. With the charging station, we do not have to bring with us all the chargers of different mobile devices. The gadget can neatly organize all our devices, bringing a welcome bit of order to an already chaotic environment.
bluetooth speaker

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

We may have a lot of outdoor activities at the weekends. Get a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker and enjoy the music from our iPhone, iPad or other phones anywhere we want. This wireless portable speaker works with nearly all smart phones and provides us very powerful sound supported by music streaming via Bluetooth. We can take the speaker from room to room or from one place to another and we can use it all day, yet it will not get that loud or have very powerful bass. It is a really perfect accessory.
solar charger

Solar Rechargeable iPhone Charger

How many backup battery will you bring with you when you are out? Get a solar charger if you are the one who are often on the move. This solar charger is a very smart gadget, which applies the advanced solar cell and lithium ion battery technologies. It usually can charge a smart phone or iPod in 30 minutes. Compact, lightweight, the charger is very great accessory for on-the-go.
bike mount

Bike Mount 

If you want to have access to your smart phone during cycling, this bike mount is a nice choice. But remember, the bike mount you choose should never interfere with your focus on biking and make sure the safety.
iDsonix charger

USB Wall Charger With More Ports

Get a USB wall charger with more ports for charging several smart phones at the same time. This 5-Port USB Wall Charger can charge 5 devices simultaneously, with two 5V 2.1A Port and three 5V 1A Port for the charging or powering of iPhone, iPad, Cell Phone, Tablet PC, external battery pack, camera, etc. It charges fast and the iPhone 5s can be fully charged around 30 minutes. For the ps4 controller, it needs 30 minutes.
phone speaker dock

Phone Speaker Dock 

This gadget has a very sleek design and soft touch finish. It will bring us a stylish way to listen to music or videos on the go or at home.


Sound Isolating Headset

For everyone on the go, it is really not good experience to listing to the music with headset plugged into the smart phone. The noise outside just affect the sound from the headset. Get a sound isolating headset that can bring together the music and mobile in one device.

phone sleeper

Smart Phone Sleeper

This is a tiny hands-free stand for our smart phone. It allows us to lay in comfort with our phone. We can play and watch in comfort without having to keep our phone. We may never spill drinks over the phone anymore.

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