Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cool & Practical USB Gadgets as Christmas Gift for Geeky Friends

Christmas is just around the corner. Have you any idea about the gifts for your geek friends? It is not that easy to send gifts that exactly to the satisfaction of those loved ones. It can be a difficult endeavor to send gifts to tech-savvy geeks. This year, no long gift cards, DVD or CD. Here I have included the latest cool USB gadgets the geek probably has them and knows more about them then you. Instead, I have chosen to feature the most practical and in most cases affordable peripherals such as USB hubs, USB dock station, etc.

USB Aquarium

Most of the geeks may have a sterile and depressing work environment. They would love to see a beautiful artificial aquarium with a couple of tropical fish swimming freely in it. The LED fish tank can add extra vitality to the dreary environment. After long time working in the office or at home, your geek friends can fill it with water, drop a couple of minnows inside and control the fish movement by changing the motor speed. Just watch them swim and dart happily on your desk. Suddenly, the desk is not as boring as it was. There is life in the workplace. The tank is USB powered, yet the fish are not.

USB Hub With More Ports

Most of the computer geeks need a USB hub because they must have too many USB gadgets and devices needed to be connected to the computer, camera, chargers, smart phones, tablets, etc. Your geek friends may have too many cables and cords tangled on the table. Sending a USB hub with more ports can help organize the cables well. Here I would like to recommend iDsonix aluminum housing USB 3.0 hub with 13 ports. That means, only one hub can help connect 13 USB supported devices to the computer. The hub is a functional and helper for your geek friends to keep the table in good order. It is an ideal connection for hard disk drives, scanners, flash memory drives, etc.

USB Cup Warmer

It is fall and the winter is coming. It is really a great idea to send a USB cup warmer to geek friends. The cup is a suitably techie gift and can help extend the drinking time by up to half an hour. That is really convenient in the cold winter, at least there is no need to change the water very soon after it is cooled.

USB Heating Gloves

The USB heating gloves are designed to keep the hands warm. It is also a nice Christmas gift for geek friends, especially for the lady geeks. While the geeks work in front of computer desk in cold weather, the USB gloves can offer best protection against frostbite and other cold-related injuries. Connected to computer USB port, the glove can get warm with a degree of 46C in very short time and maintain a comfortable temperature without harming the hands. No more icy hand in cold weather for your friends.

USB Hard Drive Docking Station

USB hard drive docking station is a very practical tool for recovering data or easy access to uninstalled drives. For geek friends, it is useful when they need to transfer data from 2.5"/3.5" SATA hard drive or SSD to the computer, especially when there is something wrong with the computer. The hard drive dock can help fix internal HDDs from the malfunctioning windows server effortlessly and transfer or burn files and directories onto the DVD ROM. It is also very convenient in making a carbon copy of the 2.5" internal hard drive in other devices such as Mac Mini,.

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