Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Top 4 iDsonix Computer & Digital Peripheral Best Sellers

iDsonix is a brand for computer and digital peripheral products. Based on design concept of ‘Smart Interactive’, iDsonix design various devices for laptop, tablet, smart phones, with the peripheral accessories mainly including storage, networking, WIFI, Bluetooth, hubs & readers, USB gadgets and so on. Here I would love to list the best sellers from iDsonix. If you are loyal users of iDsonix brand, feel free to share your opinion on the gadgets.

#1 Premium Anti-Static Hard Drive Protection Box for 3.5 Inch HDD Storage

Now available at $17.99
HDD Protector

In the digital and computer era, data is one of the most important assets for all the users of PC, computers, or other digital devices. We may easily accumulate a lot of data and then store the data in the hard drive disk. For better protecting the HDD where our data is stored, we need the HDD protection box. The increasing need of storage box for HDD is the main reason for such peripherals to go hot among computer users. This HDD storage box is designed with high quality material with the features of being proof to dust, moisture and shock. For user, it meets their need of high performance and extra protection for the HDD at a rather affordable cost. The HDD protector has a built-in anti-static cushioning mat so that the box can offer very excellent protection for the backup drives during trip. The box fits 3.5" hard drives perfectly, and offers an anti-static, anti-dust environment as the drives wait for their next chance to go back to reading and writing data.

#2 Multi-Device 4 Port Charging Station 

Now available at $29.99
charging station

The charging station with 4 ports work great and is able to offer enough power for charging four USB supported devices at the same time. It accept all of the different types of USB cables and has plenty of room inside for the cords or cables of any length. The charging station can help keep the cables in good order. It has four customized USB ports for different devices that require different power, respectively two 5V 2.1A charging ports for iPad, tablet or and other high power required devices and two 5V 1A  for iPhone, smart phones and any other USB powered devices. Besides, the surge protector allows a reliable and safe charging for the device. The non-slip mat of the charging station can help hold the devices being charged well. Generally, the charging station has a sleek look, and can help keep all of the cords neat. Besides, it is very easy to use and affordable in price. That’s why it is well received.

#3 USB 3.0 10 Port Hub

Now available at $30.99
USB 3.0 Hub

Most of us now have more USB powered devices than the USB ports available from our computer. For powering multiple USB gadgets simultaneously or connecting several USB gadgets all together to the computer, here is an easy way - USB hub with multiple ports. This USB 3.0 10 port hub has been well reviewed. It adds 10 USB 3.0 super speed ports to our PC and allows fast data transfer, with a speed up to 5Gbps. It has additional charging port for smart phone or a tablet at high speed, and it acts as one-hub-for-more-job. For those who are always in shortage of USB ports on laptops, this hub is really a good helper.

#4 Super Speed USB 3.0/2.0 to SATA Hard Drive Docking Station 

Now available at $19.99
hard drive dock

If you have to access a lot of different internal hard drives directly from different computers that they have once been installed on, there is no need to use a lot of cables or adapters for this task. The hard drive docking station can help connect the internal drives with other computers easily and fast. It is a very excellent peripheral for accessing and fixing several internal 3.5" HDDs from any malfunctioning windows server without more trouble. We can use it to transfer data or destroy files stored in the internal hard drives. We can also use it to make a carbon copy of the 2.5" internal hard drive, and it is especially helpful for HDD upgrade for that computer. This docking station is meant to be used with the USB 3 cables and docks, but it's also backward compatible with the USB 2 standard. It is a tool-free, cable-free and screw-free option for external access to internal hard drives.

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