Friday, October 31, 2014

Top 6 USB Gadgets Tidy & Enrich Your Office Space

Office life sometimes are boring or at a loss for some of us. We can actually add some USB gadgets for a big change. I would love to share here some USB gadgets that help you better organize your limited office space and enrich your office life.

Solar USB charger

When your smart phone battery dies out, you plug it into the charger. When it is in full charge, you unplug it. It repeats every day. Nothing new. But this little solar USB charger makes a slight difference. Stick into the inside of a window and convert sunlight into battery juice. Stylish and fresh USB gadget.


Is your office space big enough? Is it tidy enough or at a mess? I think a lot of office staff do not like to see the desk table with a lot of cord-wrangling digital devices. Put a USB hub with more ports on the desk and we will not have to bring with us all the cables of the USB supported devices. USB hubs are now very common devices since they are the easiest way for us to increase the number of USB ports available. Besides, when we have to charge the smart phones, tablets, USB hard drive or memory sticks at the same time, we do not need to compete for USB outlets with others.

USB Coffee Warmer

Coffee in the office everyday seems inevitable. But sometimes we are occupied by a lot of tasks and have no time to make the coffee. Prepare a USB coffee warmer, and it will be a very good friend that offers us warm coffee whenever we want, at a place just next to the computer!

USB Humidifier

Office life is sometimes stuffy, especially when we have no time out for a breath. The USB humidifier is actually cool gadget that can help moisturize the air in the limited space. The humidifier has an aromatherapy option and can keep the best smelling space for us.

USB Charging Station

If you still don’t have one, get one. There is nothing more annoying than shuffling around more different USB cables when we have very few USB ports, especially when we end up unplugging the keyboard or mouse.

USB Hard Drive Docking Station

You may have used internal hard drives for a lot of years. But when you have to access the data inside the internal hard drive to another computer, especially when your computer fails to work,  how will you do? The USB SATA HDD docking station is actually an ideal setup for such tasks. We can access or fix several internal 3.5" HDDs from the malfunctioning Windows server and we can use it to make a carbon copy of the 2.5" internal hard drive in the Mac Mini.

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