Friday, October 24, 2014

Top Charging Tools For Those With Several Digital Devices

It is really a nightmare to have a lot of USB cables tangled on the desk. It is no great idea to bring with us every USB charger for the digital gadget that we have whenever we are out. Most of us have several digital gadgets, smart phones, tablets, external batteries, and other USB gadgets or electronics. Then what is your way to make your workplace in a good array even when you have a lot of devices to charge up? Or what will you bring with you for powering all of your gadgets? Good news here. Here I list some of our favorite charging tools, which can help ease the chaoes of keeping too many gadgets charged.

#1: Multi Device Charging Station

Wireless charging is a really cool thing. But in reality, it is still far away from being a common and affordable thing. A lot of the wireless charger is expensive and can only charge one device at one time. Still, some of our gadgets are not designed to go with the wireless charging. If you do not want to see the cables in a chaos, you may try a multiple device charging station.

iDsonix Multi-Device 4 Port Charging Station: $34.99 on Amazon.

The charging station for multiple devices works great and has enough power to charge the iPhone, iPad, Nexus, Galaxy, tablet and other smart phones. The USB ports are customized, allowing to juicing up every type of phone or tablet and accepting all different types of USB cables. That means we can leave behind the individual chargers at home and bring one charging station. There is a cable organizing room inside, so there is no worry about the chaos of cables.

#2: AC Wall Charger With More Ports

We need a lot of USB ports for we have too many USB gadgets. Who doesn't then? USB power is in high need with all the different USB supported devices we have. If we power our USB gadgets with their own AC adapters at one time, that would be a great pain if we do not have enough wall outlets available. Or if you are not in a hurry, just charge each of the gadget one by one or charge them through the computer ports. Nobody wants to do that, I suppose. It will waste a lot of time for all the gadgets we wait to use.

Dsonix 5 Port USB AC Wall Charger: $17.99 on Amazon

The iDsonix AC wall charger has 5 USB ports. You will get two 2.1A ports and three 1A ports. It is capable of charging five devices at once.  

#3: iDsonix Wall Charger With 4 Ports

Another USB wall charger with multiple ports I would love to recommend here is iDsonix 4-port USB wall charger, with two 2A ports and 2 1A ports. The cordless wall charger is a very excellent solution for travel. Just plug it directly into the wall and start charging the devices without any need of cables. It accepts the universal 110-240v.

iDsonix 5V 6A AC Wall Charger: $16.99 on Amazon

The wall charger has two 5V 2.1A port and two 5V 1A port for iPhone, iPad, smart phone, external battery, camera or other USB powered devices.

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