Friday, September 19, 2014

Why USB Gadgets Slow to Charge?

We are now using standard USB ports to charge most of our electronic gadgets such as smart phones, cameras, tablets. For most of our time, we have to use our electronics and this is why we expect them to be fully charged all the time. We need even more - we want to charge our USB devices as quickly as possible. But, sometimes, it is annoying to find that after we have plugged in the electronics hours ago, the battery has just been 10% full. Or situation goes like this. The USB gadget just charges very fast in the beginning, yet when it is almost fully charged, the speed is slow. Then what affect the charging rate of our tablet or other USB devices? How to speed them up?  

Charge the gadgets from laptop with USB cable

We get a charger for our smart phones or other gadgets when we buy them. The mobile gadgets usually are equipped with an inbuilt charger circuit and a battery by the manufacturer. The power source of our smart phones is usually the charger that we plug into the wall outlet, exactly, a cable and a power adapter. Then, the thing matter here for a fast charging is the fact that different power sources offer different amperage. For Apple devices, we can get 5 Watts of charge with an iPhone power source when we plug it into a wall socket, 12 Watts from iPad power source. That’s the difference. If we use our laptop to charge our devices via USB cable, the charge amperage available can be 1.5 Watts. For fast charge, choose the AC wall charger.

Use the wrong cable types

Have you ever realized that though most of our devices can be charged by USB ports, but the USB cables are not the same. The differences in the USB cables provided by different manufacturers may also cause the slow charging speed. We need to check out the wire gauge when we try to charge our devices via a USB cable. The normal size of data and power wires inside the USB cable is usually 28/28 AWG, yet which is notorious for slow charging. We need to use 28/24AWG USB cable instead. Besides, we need to keep our USB cables well protected, for it can be easily get damaged.

Charge the smart phone faster as well as safely

Now that we figure out the amperage counts a lot for the charging speed, does that mean we can get the faster charging speed by using a higher milliamp power adapter? Not exactly. Sometimes the powerful adapter can even ruin our battery life. We have to realize that the inbuilt charging circuit can only take the power it needs. When the voltage is compatible, the use of 2000mA is meaningless. volt), there is technically no issue sending 2000mA down the cable and charging faster. Besides, often, our devices can be hot if they are charged via high wattage. The more amps may pose more threat to our cell phone.

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