Thursday, September 11, 2014

Top Practical Gadgets Women Will Be Obsessed With

Unlike men who much tend to invest easily on any cool digital gadgets released lately, women love useful gadgets every time they have to purchase a gadget. Besides, the style, practicality and even convenience are usually the priority things they will take into consideration. Here are a few more useful gadgets that women will love.

Smart Charging Kit
This is a simple little mat designed for two digital devices, charging the devices at home, in the office or even when you are on the go. Just place the mobile device on the charging station to charge the device. There is no need to worry about the loose charging ports or cables. Get the smallest mat for charging one device or even three devices simultaneously. Girls will love to put the mat in the car, using the DC power outlet to charge the devices during a trip. That’s really cool.

iDsonix USB 3.0 10 Port Hub

Women love the USB hub with more ports. This is mainly due to the lack of ports from the laptop or computer yet now we have so many electronics. It is really upset when we have several digital devices out of power and have to be charged at the same time. It is very easy to use this USB 3.0 hub. Just add the super speed hub to the computer and it will transfer data at a speed of 5Gbps. The USB hub can connect up to 10 USB 3.0, 2.0, or 1.1 devices to a single port. The USB hub is practical and each port has an LED light to let you know it is active.

Intelligent Water Bottle

The water bottle is really an innovative concept. We can enter in our weight, the time, date, and desired water intake per day and then use it to track our progress towards the goal we set. It is a really fashionable bottle with bluetooth function, USB charging port and a small speaker. Each time we sip water, the data will be stored on an app to Apple or Android users. Its goal is to help notify us when we need to hydrate. So if you need such a device to motivate you to stay properly hydrated, this is really a great gadget.

Floor Scrubbing Robot
Scrubbing the floor is sometimes tedious housework, especially if you have to do it every day. Yet this floor cleaner is a really great gadget for household ladies for thoroughly cleaning floors every day in an very easy way. It can automatically sweep, scrub and squeegee the floors, clearing away up to 99% of bacteria. Unlike a mop, the gadget never puts dirty water back down on your floors. What we need to do is just to fill up the reservoir with clean water and cleaning solution and hit the clean button. After it finishes cleaning, empty the dirty water and place it back on the charging dock to dry.

There are a lot of gadgets that can facilitate our life. But for women, digital gadgets are still not fashion items that can bring them beauty. The gadgets that attract them are usually the most practical ones.

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