Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Charging Myths About Improving Smart Phone Battery Life

Sometimes we get the very cool and shiny smart phone, whether it is iPhone, Galaxy or other phone of the latest edition. But still one problem is the battery life. Besides, the smart phone just eats more battery. We might just be tempted into trying out various advice to make our battery last longer by installing this or that. Let's face the facts. Our smart phone batteries need proper care. Though the technology for the smart phone advances at a fast speed, it is not so for the smart charging of the battery. As a critical part of our smart phones or other digital devices, what we could do is to pay attention to the proper use of our battery.

There is actually a lot of improper information about the batteries. Some of the wrong information just comes from the old battery technologies. For example, the nickel-based batteries we use in the past need to be fully charged. But, for the modern battery we use are lithium ones, which shall not to be fully charged. You may hear about some of the popular myths about the batteries of smart phones: never use your smart phone when it is in charge; just let the phone battery die completely, etc. Are they right? Here's the truth behind some phone charging myths.

Is it right to use the smart phone when it charges?

A lot of smart phone users may believe that the use of smart phone during the charging time may cause explosion of the battery or even electrocute the user. Is that so? There are some cases that the phone just explode while it is charging. The fact here is that, we can use the smart phone we want, as long as the charger is not a poor third-party one. As long as the battery charger we use are manufacturer approved one, it is fine.

Turn off Wi-Fi, GPS and that would prolong battery life?

That’s no reason that can best explain this. Wi-Fi, Bluebooth or GPS are things that just make our phones smart. If we use the phone without such things, we might be better off with the feature phones. Still, if we try to download a huge file without using the Wi-Fi, we will have to pay more for the phone. Unlike the use of apps, the use of Wi-Fi, GPS or Bluetooth actually will not drain any battery. If we want to make the battery last long, just try to install the apps that we really need.

Will off-brand chargers destroy batteries?

The fact is that the off brand chargers, as long as they are manufacturer approved, will just be fine for our smart phone battery. What we should avoid are those fake batteries or knockoffs. If we get those cheap brand poor chargers, our battery will easily get destroyed. But, if the off brand chargers are good enough, we can use them.

Let the battery discharge completely before recharging the smart phone?
Shall we charge the phone until it is completely dead? The fact is that we don’t need to do so. The battery memory is a thing of the past. We can charge our phones every day when we need to do so. The lithium-ion batteries we use for our smart phone are better when they are charged. If we just let the battery discharge completely, the battery will become unstable.

Charging our smart phone overnight will kill the battery?

If you believe so, you just underestimate your smart phone. The phones we use today are much smarter than we could think. When the phone is fully charged, its battery will automatically stop charging. In this case, the battery will not be in use. But still, we need to charge the phones in a given time period and it could be better to avoid charging it every night. Just think about it. When our cup is full of water, will you love to fill it with water still? Our battery can last longer if we keep it charged between 40% and 80%.

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