Thursday, September 4, 2014

Top 5 Awesome & Useful Tech Gear for College Students

It's time to go back to college this fall. These days, back to school sales offer a lot of discounted tablets and other awesome gadgets that will make life and study easy and fun. That’s good for college students particularly who will love to fill the new backpacks with more high tech cool gadgets instead of books. It makes sense to prepare more tech gadgets because a large number of teachers also agree upon the tech requirement in the classroom or at home that better assist students study and research, especially for those independent learners. So are you left behind by those high tech students? Still, it is necessary to make a list for smart decisions. 

Portable Laser Keyboard
To get a portable keyboard is really a great convenience. For its small size, we can put it in our pant pockets and bring it home, to college or to the library as we like. The cube laser virtual keyboard can be connected to computer wirelessly. It seems much awesome than traditional roll up keyboard and still better than those pricey iPad keyboard. It just costs about $99. 

iDsonix 5 Port USB AC Wall Charger
In the dorm room, there is always lack of socket and still our laptop will not offer us enough ports for charging phones or tablets. Then this 5 port wall charger seems much necessary. We can charge iPhone, iPad air mini or other USB powered gadgets at the same time. The compact design allows the wall charger to be a portable gadget for our trip. It saves us a lot and we do not need to spend extra dollars on adapters. We also do not need to waste all of our USB ports from the computer. We can share it with roommates to charge or power devices easily and quickly.

Cool Headphone That Cancels Noise
Most often, the college dorm rooms are noisy, whether it is the TV noise from neighboring rooms, or chat talk among roommates or just constant traffic in and out. The noise sometimes just distracts our attention from the schoolwork. Then the chic noise canceling headphone may be useful. Besides the quality sound effect, the headphone even offers more. It has some selective Apple products, enabling calls to be answered on an iPhone. Moreover, we can use the remote to control music functions on other Apple products. It is really cool and useful for college students. 

Kindle eReader
With the development of technology, college students have more choice in the ways of reading. We can choose to read books in digital format for it is more flexible to search the information we love or make some emphasis on the information we think important. Besides, the digital reader can be useful when we are on a trip. The new Kindle eReader is popular and awesome digital gadget in that it is saving space, time and even money. It is worth buying such eReader for we cna download a lot of free classic books for free, without spending more on books. The newest Kindle eReader can even hold up to 3,500 books. 

External Hard Drive

For college life, we have too many researches and sometimes, we may overlook he importance of data backup. Sometimes our computer may just fail to work or even crash for whatever reason. When that happens, all of the papers and efforts are lost. The external hard drive seems very useful gadget for students, for they have enough space for backing up the photos, phone, laptop or other electronic devices. This ultra portable hard drive with unique backup software that can back up the data itself. With hardware encryption, our data will stay there just safely. 

Got the gadgets on the list? Good. Let the study easier!"

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