Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Cool Tech Gadgets for Back-to-School College Students in Dorm Room

It's already back to school season and also time for updating the gadgets in your dorm room. As for dorm supplies, there are many gadgets that seem necessary. But since the room space is limited, sometimes, it's very wise for students to pick up some of those space saving gadgets that are high tech yet functional or essential. Then what are those popular gadgets for back to school season、

Cable Clips: We know that in college dorm room, we often have to share place with others and our dorm desk is sometimes a nest of cables for various electronic gadgets, such as the cable of smart phones, headphones, USB plugs, laptop cables, power cords, etc. It's really a mess. For well arranging the cables in place, maybe the cable clips are what we need to keep the dorm desk clean and tidy.

USB 3.0 10 Port Hub Smart Charging Port
For study as well as entertainment, we college students may have so many digital devices and sometimes in the dorm rooms, there are limited sockets or hubs for us to charge the devices. Luckily most of our devices are connectable via standardized USB 2, and now USB 3.0. The shortage of USB ports on laptops can be easily solved by having one USB hub with 10 ports. Awesome! It can charge MBox, an iPod, a WD My Passport, Kindle, and other USB devices. Get one USB hub with multiple ports and share it with your roommates.

Rugged Speaker: You love music and sometimes want to rock out. Yet you may be faced with the problem that you have no idea about being clumsy partygoers. Then what can be changed. Check out this rugged portable speaker. It is not only excellent in quality audio, but can take a serious beating because of its sturdy design. This speaker is water resistant and if you happen to drop it into water. Still no more worry! Besides, it can even power the smart phone. Cool.

Multi-Device USB Charging Station
Too many digital gadgets, such as iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, tablet, Kindle, etc, yet so few outlets for charging them in the dorm room? Just prepare a USB charging station with four or even more ports to power multiple electronic devices from smart phones, MP4, cameras, tablets or other USB supported devices. It can really save much space and only take up one outlet.

Pickup Robot for Cleaning Room
You may be busy with study and have no time to tidy the room or you are just lazy. But dorm room still has to be clean. Then this remote controlled robot seems to be made for you. It can pick up tiny objects such as cup of noodles or your sockets as long as you direct it. Just ask the robot to pick them up and carry them to another place. It is really a bit fun gadget.

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