Thursday, February 5, 2015

Top Gadgets With Special Designs: Insane or Creative?

We can not live without tech gadgets nowadays. The diversified gadgets just enrich our lives. For most of the tech addicts, nothing is better to start a new year than new electronic gadgets. If you have ever paid any attention to the consumer electronics show, you will find a lot of digital devices or gadgets with craziest designs. The word craziest I use here may be stunningly brilliant for some or insane for others because sometimes, there may be no clear line between brilliant and stupid. Here are some top gadgets for you to define whether they are stupid or genius.

Digitsole for Heating Feet

We suffer from cold feet in the winter on our way to work or when we are out for skiing, hiking, etc. This gadget is designed for heating our feet. It is heated insole which can be controlled via our smart phone. Besides adjusting the temperature of our feet, it can also track our steps and calories . We can easily warm up our feet with the on/off button on the app screen. It is a brilliant gadget, but $200 for one pair of such insoles makes a lot of people not sure about the purchase.

Logbar Gesture Control Ring

Just as its slogan says, one gesture, one magic, this gadget offers the users convenient control of appliances within the home just by waving our finger in the air. We can use it to turn on the TV or lights just as we do with the remote controller. The ring just makes us much like a wizard, but how many people are willing to pay $270 for this gesture control?

Self adjusting smart belt

After a big meal, we may love to loosen the belt. This gadget is designed to perform that task out of our hands. It can automatically adjust itself based on how much we've eaten and how much exercise we've done to compensate. Its ability of tightening and loosening itself to keep us comfortable seems excellent. But shall we really need it?

Light That Produces Music

Have you ever seen such light that can produce music? This is the amazing part of this Sony Symphonic light, which has an LED bulb and a speaker inside. We can use an app on the smart phone to control the light and sound. The design is innovative in making invisible technology tangible. We may have seen a lot of LED lights of unique design, but this may be the first time that we see one such light which can play music.

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