Friday, February 27, 2015

Do you have these accessories for your iPhone 6?

If you choose to read further this post, you must be among the estimated fourteen million or more lucky guys who have afforded an iPhone 6. After you got your new iPhone, what else will you buy? Just have a look at whether you have prepared these mobile peripherals for your smart phone?

External Storage

Does your iPhone offer enough storage space for all of your data, such as movies, music, etc? If not, get such a flash drive that can expand your iPhone or even iPad storage up to 128GB. It is a very excellent peripheral accessories for in flight movies and you can also copy files between the smart phone and PC. The accessory can manage all the data directly on the iOS device. If you frequently need to backup or restore your photos, videos, contacts or calendars, this accessory is a cool one. The price of the phone accessory is around $100. Of course, the more capacity you choose, the more expensive.

Smart Socks

Do you love to exercise or run frequently? Are you running properly? If you often get injured when you run, the iPhone socks are very necessary accessories for you actually. The socks can monitor how you run and even identify harmful running styles. They are socks made with soft and have comfortable textile pressure sensors embedded in the sole, which can tell us what kind of runner you are. Data can be fed in real-time from the sensors.

Multiple Charging

You have got a new iPhone, but I guess you must have more mobile devices or Apple gadgets, right? Whether you are at home or on a trip, you may have to charge them when they are out of battery. You need such a charging station for multiple charging. This 4 port charging station can realize simultaneous charging for multiple devices such as iPhone, iPad and other smart phone or tablets. The surge protector allows a quick and reliable charging .

Stylish Case for Good Protection

Whether your iPhone 6 is a new one or has been used for some days, you need to get a case to offer it extra protection. Now there are too many cases in the market, but you need to get such a stylish one that can deliver the best in impact resistance, screen protection or even can protect the phone ports from getting blocked with dust during your trip. This case can well protect the phone from scratches and it comes with attractive looks.

iPhone unlocking

Have you ever thought about the idea that one day, you use smart phone controlled keys to lock your door? In the near future, we may use new keys to the existing door locks and even unlock the door via iPhone.

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