Monday, February 9, 2015

How Many of the Computer Peripheral Accessories That You Still Use?

Digital technology changes at a rather fast speed. So do the computer peripherals. We may not change the computers too frequently, but we tend to change the peripheral accessories that maximize our use experience of the computer more frequently. For example, now there are a lot of wireless mouse of higher performance in the market. Do you still use the mouse with a wire?

There are a lot of newer computer peripherals that can replace and upgrade the performance of those older ones to bring us convenience and speed. Then besides the obsolete external mouse for iPhone or MacBook Air, what kind of computer peripherals that seem to be out of date do you still use? Here we just love to share some of the peripherals that seem not to be practical. Of course, if you like, you can use them again.

external hard drive

External Hard Drive: Do you still use the external hard drive yet? The once-for-a-while popular technology seems a bit out of the game, if not completely. Is the external hard drive still that useful peripheral today? The cloud system just makes the operation of backing up our documents more easily. When we have easy access to Google drive or Drop, it seems we do not need to back up our data with the external hard drive any more.

External Keyboards: Just count how many keyboards you have bought ever since you got your first computer. Among all the keyboards you have used, how many different designs of the keyboard are there? If not wrong, most of you have used ergonomic keyboard, or the keyboard with the design concept of best fitting the positioning of our hands, the wireless keyboards, mini keyboards or the keyboards with chic function buttons.
Speakers for Computer: I still remember in the very early time of using desktop computer, we will use speakers to make the computer also work as a stereo system. We listen to the music played by the computer. But now, we can use our smart phone, iPod or other much portable gadget for enjoying high end audio. The use of these mobile devices as stereo system seems much flexible. It seems not so cool nowadays to make our computers double as stereos.

External Monitors: Do you still hook the laptops to big external monitors? Most of the laptops made within the last few years can connect an external monitor. For those who always do some trading online, maybe two or more monitors are necessary. Now most of the electronic devices tend to be much more portable and mobile. An 13 inch MacBook Air screen seems enough for most of us.

There are a lot of computer peripherals that we do not need. But some of computer peripherals such as printers are what we still need now, though now e-ink readers are supposed to replace printers. We still need scanners to scan the photos or make digital pictures out of paper pictures. We need USB hub for more USB ports and better organize our desk.

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