Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Great Gadgets as Nice Valentine’s Day Gift for Mac User

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Have you prepared any nice gift for your valentine? If she or he is a Mac addict and already have Mac, look no further. Choose cool peripheral accessories for her or his Mac.

7 Port High Speed USB Hub

This iDsonix aluminum housing USB 3.0 hub with ergonomic design looks smart for iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac Mini or other USB supported devices. It has 7 USB ports and 3 charging ports. It can realize super fast charging for several USB gadgets at the same time. Priced $44.99, it is affordable peripheral accessory yet very practical and decent. It is a in ideal connection if we want to drive several peripherals on the Mac, say, monitors, backup drive, hard disk drives, printers, video camera, etc.

Super Speed Dock Station

If a single external hard drive is not enough for your valentine to back up all of the data or if she or he needs to back the data up frequently, gift her or him this complex setup. This dual drive dock accepts 2.5 & 3.5 inch SATA hard drives and is a very efficient peripheral accessory which can transfer data as quickly as possible. We can simply slip in the portable hard drives and, set up the copy and then press the execute button. Then we can copy data from our computer or from SATA drive to SATA drive using this drive dock. It is especially useful for those programmers who need to copy large amount of processed data. It is now priced $35.00 and is really a simple, fast, and cost effective solution for data recovery or data transfer.

Apple USB Superdrive

This compact superdrive looks very smart. As long as we have such drive, we can play or burn both CDs and DVDs when we are on a trip or on the road. It seems very cool accessory during this digital age, especially in the age of lightning fast broadband internet connection and USB 3.0 when the optical drive seems kind of archaic. It is really a nice portable peripheral accessory, only a bit bigger than a CD case and it can be taken anywhere. Priced $75, it is affordable yet nice.

Innovative Wireless Charger

This Magic charger is an inductive charger that can keep our Apple keyboard, Magic pad or mouse never out of battery power. It is a wireless eco-friendly charger.  It is advantage in the lasting power. Exactly, the full inductive power delivered to Apple’s Magic Mouse can last up to eight days for worry-free pointing and clicking. It can also help keep the desk in great order and works as an easy travel companion.  

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