Monday, August 25, 2014

Update Charging Brick For Something Better

Every new digital gadget we purchase will come along with its own matched charging brick and cable. That's great at first. But with the electronic devices we buy grow in numbers, we will have  a lot of charging cables, charging bricks or even wall adapters, scattering all around the room or in the drawer. Will you find it a trouble when we attempt to find the exact chargers and cables for one device yet to find them wind up in a mess? Actually, there is no need to use all of these chargers or we do not need all of them. 

Luckily, most of the chargers for our electronics are compatible and interchangeable. It’s easy to choose one single charger for all of the digital devices. Most of our chargers that go with different devices are USB supported ones, and we can use USB port to trade for a handful of the chargers. 

As long as our electronics can be powered via USB, most of the USB charging cable or USB supported wall brick can be substituted by the one USB charger or USB port for powering the devices, just in the way that our computer is connected to the devices for data transfer or powering. Of course, some of the new electronics may need some different charger or cable, such as micro USB, then we just need to prepare some mini USB. Anyway, we need to update a mess of chargers and cables with a free USB port. Or we can power multiple devices via several USB ports connected to one USB hub instead of plugging into the wall. 

If you have no idea of using the USB port and still want to charge the device via the charging brick, just bring one such brick along with you. Ensure the charging brick falls into the type which enables you to plug the USB cable into the brick itself. In this case, we can use the charging brick with any other devices that are to be charged via USB.  

Change the Charging Brick With USB Hub with Surge Protector
Nowadays the appearance of the USB hub with multiple ports just clear up our desk that is originally a mess of charging brick and cables. Have you ever tried the USB hub? The fact that such USB hub with more ports as well as build-in surge protector allows a fast, reliable and secure connectivity to various digital devices and that means we can turn any single plug into enough plugs for powering various devices at one time. 

The hub has great compatibility in that it supports Windows, OS X, Linux and all USB 2.0, very great and convenient option for connecting our computer and USB storage devices. The sleek beauty of the portable surge protector makes it good choice at home or even on the go. The speed is fast enough. 

There are a lot of USB hubs in the market that can ultimately allow us to leave various charging bricks behind at home. We won't need anything else. It is obvious that the USB hub with multiple ports may be the best option if we have to charge more than one devices at the same time quickly.   

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