Friday, August 8, 2014

7 Tips Help You Charge USB Powered Devices Faster

You must have such situations that you need to leave your home very soon while your smart phone is still not fully charger and you have to charge it as much as possible in very limited time. If you plug it into the laptop or computer, it will even take more time. Slow charging speed will make you feel uncomfortable. Here we have shared you some of the tips that will help make the phone charge very fast. Just read on. 

1. If you really like to charge your smart phone through your computer, instead of USB 2.0, try to use USB 3.0 or a dedicated charging if possible. Not all ports of the laptop or computer will supply the same amount of power. USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 are capable of 500mA of power, while USB 3.0 can deliver nearly double power, which usually reaches 900mA, that means faster. You can also choose a dedicated charging port that can offer power of even 1500mA. You have to know that the higher the supply of power, the faster your phone will be fully charged.If you happen to be lucky enough to have a plug outlet that is already wired for USB, you could be looking at speeds of up to 2,100mA.

2. USB 3.0 port charger is suggested. The USB 3.0 charger is well known for its faster data transfer sped and you will be glad to see its 900mA, almost reaching the powerful performance of AC wall chargers. So if you have no USB 3.0 charger, just get one for more powerful pace.  

3.Avoid the USB hub if you really need faster charging. Charging your smartphone via USB hub will just makes the charging speed slower by 50%, especially if your hub has no AC power connection. Choose a dedicated USB port for charging your digital devices. 

4.Just as i have said above, the higher power supply, the faster charging speed. Yes, you can choose to a bigger machine, or AC-wired USB power that can offer power twice of that of traditional charger or the speed can be 4 times faster than that of USB 2.0 port on the computer. For those larger and older computer, they have bigger batteries. You can use them to charge your phone instead of Ultrabooks.

5.Try a docking station. Docking station is thought to be slower than AC wall charger. But it can charge the smart phone at a speed 1.5 faster than that of usb 2.0 port. 

6. If you are driving a car out and your phone is out of power. Instead of charging it with a portable USB charger, just charge your smart phone via the car charger. This inexpensive usb charger can offer 1000to 2500mA , charging the phone within one hour.  

7. Switch off your phone and this is one of the ways that can speed up the charging. If you are too concerned about your phone calls and messages to respond back, then try to read on. The phone will try to search for possible signal and that just makes it use more charge. You can put the phone in Airplane mode or try an amplifier to stimulate the battery. If you do not switch the phone off, try to turn off vibration which will grab more charge. Or turn off apps when you are putting your phone in charge. This is because the more you make your phone to use a memory, the more it eats your charge. 

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