Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tips for Charging Mobile Phones or Tablets

Will you think more about the safety use of the phone chargers or other USB charging port when you charge your devices every day? Have you ever thought about how to charge the phone in a faster and safer way or how to charge the phone easily when you are out for a trip? Let's have a look at some tips about using the chargers.

In the past years, we see more and more mini USB chargers, or the charging device with micro USB ports. The use of the standardized chargers just makes our life easier. The standardized charging ports just realize spare chargers when we are out, but of course, with exception to Apple's iPhone. Actually, the standardized charging port still brings us confusion with charging speeds depending on the charger and charging method. The choice of a wrong usb charger requires longer charging time. We need to check the charger about its output voltage and current. An iPad requires 2 Amps for charging. While iPhone charger gets 1 Amp of current and a computer 0.5 Amps of current.

How to Prolong Lifespan of Charger Battery

As we all know, batteries have limited charge cycles or lifespan. So does the battery for charger. The lifespan of lithium-ion phone charger battery can be prolonged if we use it on a regular basis. We should not leave the battery drained out of battery every time. It’s much better to charge the phone when we find the battery dropped below 50% and this can help increase the charge circles.

Turn off the phone while charging

If you do not need to use your mobile phone while it is charged, you can choose to turn off the phone. In this way, it will charge in a faster speed because there is no use of power for those power draining features like data, GPS, or screen.

Portable Chargers for Mobile Charging

For those who have lots of time spent outdoors, a portable battery pack is a great option. Without any access to power socket, the portable battery packs can work as a good replacement of your wall charger. For its portability, we can carry it in our backpack. The portable charger can charge our phones several times. Keep in mind, that we still need to check the output current of the battery pack and avoid those cheap chargers with output at about 0.5 Amps. Choose portable battery packs that can offer 1 Amp or even 2Amps for tablet and that can ensure very fast charging.

Wireless Charging

The appearance of wireless charging is a revolution of the chargers that we have used. We do not need cable and we just make use of electromagnetic induction to charge our phones, very convenient. If we choose wireless charging, we will not see too many cables or wires at a mess on the desk. In public areas, we do not need to carry our own charging wires and charging can also be very easy. Now wireless charging technology is available for Nokia Lumia 920 and the Google Nexus 4. To charge other smart phones, we need a compatible charging mat.

No matter what type of the chargers or charging we choose, USB charger, wireless charging or the traditional AC wall charger, we need to make sure the charger with right current output and top up the battery regularly to prolong its lifetime.

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