Friday, August 1, 2014

Computer Peripherals That You May Find Cool & Useful

What kind of computer peripheral devices do you have right now? Besides the host computer, we need more peripherals such as USB Hubs, USB gadgets, keyboards, monitors, mouse, speakers, joystick and more gadgets for a fast and enjoyable networking experience. If you are tech geek, you will surely get those PC gears updated lately in the market. It’s true that many of the common PC gadgets can be found on your desk. But I bet there are still some cool computer or digital peripherals that you may not have. Let’s continue.

Powered USB Hub

I know a lot of digital gadget lovers will have USB hubs, but do you have powered hubs. Compared with those non powered USB hubs, powered usb hub is more versatile, without any need of attaching a small power brick to an outlet. A powered USB hub can connect various USB supported gadgets with the current they need. If you have more than one piece or one type of digital devices to charge, the powered USB hubs will be of great use. They can charge multiple tablets, smart phones or other USB powered hard drive and devices.  

USB Folding Keyboard

So this is a very funny computer gadget, and it can be folded into our pocket, just amazing. When we use the computer at home, a full sized keyboard is convenient, but when on a trip, you will never want to bring it with you. This compact folding keyboard is perfect for netbook users and can give you extra space in the bag.  

USB 3.0 Flash Drive

The USB drive is one of the coolest inventions for computer and it just makes sense to have one flash drive or two with you. What is the flash drive you currently use? Does it offer very fast read speed and write speed? You will love mini USB 3.0 flash drive as the tiny flash drive, with similar size to that of coin has polish design and still with acceptably fast read speeds, 80 MB/s.

Cool Wireless Headphone

Stereo phones are the digital peripherals that we definitely need when we want to hear the sound at office or in public areas. Almost every computer user has headphone, but which type? To get a natural sound and comfortable around-ear fit, we need to get a high quality headphone, say this Bluetooth-enabled wireless headphone, with removable adapter that can offer about 7 hours of run time. A built in microphone enables us to make phone calls. If you are mature tech geek, you will love to have a headphone that offers the flexibility of wireless with a great-sounding and comfortable headset .

These gadgets and computer peripherals are now hitting the market. Just follow the latest digital gadgets and get some to upgrade your desk. 

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