Monday, August 18, 2014

Phone Charger With Innovative Design

Is the phone charger you use is the one that goes with the phone when you bought it? Or have you ever noticed some of the innovative cell phone chargers others use? Are those new USB phone chargers or phone chargers with new design concept just a bunch of non-sense that you will never waste your dollars on? If you are the one that will be easily frustrated when the phone is out of battery yet can see no power outlet available or you are always on the go, you will love some of the new phone chargers that are eco friendly and can offer you power during the trip. If you are fashion conscious person, you will be attracted by the innovative design of the phone chargers.  

Later I will share some of the chargers with innovative design. You will find the phone chargers can be of great help during your long airplane ride or camping trips. Besides the sustainability, the chargers are much about user practicality. Of course, some of the phone chargers are not only practical, but also very nice accessory. 

Ever try to wear phone chargers on your wrist?
If you are outside for several days’ camping, you will love this wrist-wearable charger. It is a solar powered battery charger. When fully charged, it can offer several hours of charge for the camera, phones, and other electronic device. With output of 5 Watts at 1 Amp, it is enough to recharge a phone in about half an hour. We can wear the portable battery as a wrist watch, really chic accessory. Unlike other portable power sources, the wrist wearable charger is much compact and we will hardly misplace it during outdoor activities. Though not meant to last long, it can offer power long enough for us to find an outlet to charger the phone. In this sense, it is still a good addition for on-the-go. Still, it can be a very cool fashion accessory. 

Try bamboo charger for green tech 
The charger is made out of 100% natural bamboo and the design of the charger just advances the green tech. With the smart solar charger, we do not have to worry about the phone power dies out. It makes use of the sun to charge any USB supported digital gadgets and the charger is put inside sustainable bamboo case. So eco-friendly. Moreover, the charger can even help keep you safely connected during a whole day of hiking up and down the peaks.

Make your sneakers a charger
Instead of rushing back home for charging your digital devices, you can charge your device while walking. A really ‘wow’ device, right? It is basically shifting the movement into electric energy, or specifically, the movement of our body, run or walk, will charge the battery of our devices. Really innovative design. It is a charger especially great help for those on the go and fail to keep up with the battery need of their electronic devices. It is cool to see the device just fit inside of sneakers. 

Juice Box Shaped Charger

This is a very cute and innovative charger with juice box shape. It just breaks out the traditional portable chargers in the design. We can easily imagine that our phone needs some energy when they are out of power. We supply the phone energy via the drink container. Super fresh idea. The charger is a normal charging port that can support most of the phone models with the USB outlet. We can use it to charge our camera, phone, MP3 player or other USB devices.  

USB hub with multiple ports 

The multiple ports from one USB hub can charge various devices at the same time. We no longer need to wait for an open plug to charge our iphone or tablet. The multi-port charger is perfect for office and with this charger, we do not need to ask others for a charger or bring with us chargers from home. The data transfer rate of the charger is rather fast. Just plug and play. No driver required. Convenient. 

There are a lot of chargers with new design concept. It is time that you update your chargers. 

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