Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What Do You Think Are Necessary Peripheral Accessories for Your Office

What is the most obvious feature of our modern office? Mobility! Yes, For the past few years, our office life become mobile. We can extend our office life outside the entity office as long as we have necessary equipment, network or resources.

More efficient office life requires the basic equipment as well as peripheral accessories which necessarily ensure accessibility, hardware compatibility and maximum functions. What kind of peripheral accessories do you have in your office? Check out whether you have these peripherals for your mobile office.

For basic performance of office task, our computer needs to be equipped with a few applications. The basic software list include word processing, security, communication apps and other supplementary tools like calculators.

We need external storage. We may have a lot of data and over time, our computer is not big enough to store the data. Or we need to perform data transfer among colleagues. External storage devices, though less popular together with the wide use of cloud storage, are still necessary if the network condition is not good enough or we need to ensure the security of our data. Besides, now USB gadgets for external storage are designed with more and more storage space yet come in smaller and smaller size. They are very portable gadgets that can fit in our pocket, or even can be used as part of accessory of our outfit.

Now we use more and more electronic devices for more efficient work. We have more frequent business trip or we have to attend meeting in coffee shop. Unfortunately, our computers or PCs have a limited number of USB ports. USB hub is a computer peripheral that we need for extra more USB ports as well as fast transfer speed. Now USB hubs are diversified in design and function. USB hubs are designed with more ports and allow for fast charging function as well as data transfer at rather fast speed. We need portable USB hub with excellent compatibility and fast speed.

Mobile Charger for More Devices

We have more and more electronic devices and now most of the battery can hardly support the whole day operation of our gadgets. We need to charge them at least twice a day and several devices may need to be juiced. Mobile office life means we may be venturing into places without AC sockets to plug our devices. Office life also means we may have no enough USB ports or enough sockets for charging several gadgets at the same time. We need mobile charger, the one with more ports or the one that can juice several gadgets simultaneously. We need a wireless charger during business trip, a USB AC wall charger with more USB ports at the office, or a portable charging station when we have to bring with us a lot of devices.

USB hard drive docking station also seems necessary for easier fix of internal hard drives or more convenient for data transfer than USB drives, especially if we have too large data to transfer, copy or burn. USB hard drive dock station is easy to use now, without any need of additional driver or application. Most of the dock station can easily transfer data from 2.5"/3.5" SATA hard drive or SSD to our computer through USB 3.0. If you have to access and fix several internal hard drives from malfunctioning computer, you will know how great such computer peripheral is.

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