Thursday, March 5, 2015

Computer Peripherals From IDsonix Under $40 That You May Need

Our digital gadgets get updated faster than we think. We may not have to frequently change our electronics such as computers or smart phones every time there is a release of the new computer or smart phone. For better entertainment and work, we also need more computer peripherals that can maximize the service of our computer. Computer peripherals, compared with computers or other smart phones, are less expensive and we can afford to frequently update them. For not breaking the bank, here are some peripheral accessories under $40 that you may need for work.

USB Hard Drive Dock for Easily Accessing Data

Still no hard drive docking stations? Time to get one, especially when you have to frequently back up data for personal use or for work. Hard drive dock station is useful when we have too many data such as files, photos, videos to be stored. USB 3.0/2.0 to SATA hard drive docking station  is an affordable peripheral accessory priced at $19.99. We need no additional drive or application when we try to access the drives. We may find it very useful when I attempted to access the old data in the drives of old or broken computer.

Dual Dock Station for Offline Data Copy

If a single drive dock station is not enough for you, get a USB 3.0 dual bay hard dock station that can realize fast offline copy of data and ensure better data security. This dock station with dual bays offer a storage space up to 8 TB and a transfer speed of 5Gbps. It makes large data backup much easier. It is now $35 and a really nice peripheral accessory. If we have a lot of data and need to back that data up frequently, then such a more complex setup is needed.

USB Hub for Extra Ports & Clutter Free Desk

We have so many USB powered gadgets that our computer hardly satisfy the need of USB ports. When we need to access different data from different gadgets or when we need to connect more electronics to our computer at the same time, the USB hub is very practical accessory. This powered USB hub is now available at $30.99 and it also has charging ports for any USB powered devices. Besides, this USB hub can save us the use of more cables or cords and thus better organize our desk.

They are peripheral accessories under $40 right now and there are more affordable computer as well as mobile peripherals from iDsonix. If you find you need them, get them from iDsonix on Amazon.

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