Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Choose Right USB Hubs For Convenient & Compact Connectivity

Do you have such experience that when you want to find a place to plug in your phone, the wireless mouse, mp4, portable hard drive or some other peripherals, you can do nothing but face the limited USB ports? When that happens, what you really have to do is to get a hub, with more ports compact in just one USB hub for convenient connectivity. 

With so many USB peripheral products ubiquitous in computer or digital world in recent years, it’s time to get convenient USB hub which allows us to plug a huge range of different peripherals into a computer via a single slot by adding multiple extra ports. 

We can use USB ports to connect almost every digital devices such as printers, external hard drives, USB memory sticks, cameras, mobile phones, etc. The great thing about USB ports lies in the fact that we do not need to shut down the computer when we plug in or remove the computer peripherals. Time to say bye to the days of swapping out devices when you need another port by plugging in one of these useful products. 

USB hubs actually come in various shapes, types and sizes. We can get a portable USB 2.0 hub that can be put in the pocket or try high end USB 3.0 hub with lights or multiple ports. Then how to choose USB hub?

Speed of USB Hub

We all know that when we try to connect more peripherals to a computer at one time, they will all vie for the same bandwidth. Then if your USB hub is slower in speed, you will be disappointed. You can try the USB 3.0 hub instead of the standard USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 for faster speeds. Get a hub with fast speed will save you time. 

Operating System of Your Computer

You also need to consider the operating system of your computer when you buy USB hubs. Not all USB hubs can be used on Windows-based system, and some units may be more specialized. Just have a look at the technical details on the packaging to verify if the device will work on your system. The wrong USB hub only means unnecessary inconvenience.

Number of USB Hub Ports

USB hubs may have different number of ports, and many may choose 4-port usb hub, yet for those who have multiple peripherals, maybe a 10-port usb external hub or hub with more ports is great. Of course, we can buy a 4-port usb hub and then get a second one, but get a hub with more built-in ports may be cheapest option.  

Price For USB Hubs

Price of USB hubs just differs and we can find some hubs very cheaply, but often the cheaper hubs are those old edition ones such as USB 1.1 standard with slower speed. Those with more options, or better features, such as higher speeds, wireless capability, and more ports, will cost more.

Durability of USB Hub

Besides, we still need to take into consideration the durability. If the multiple-port USB hubs fail to handle extra load, it is still useless. We have to check out how well the hubs support more devices. If we find some branded hubs easily overheat or broke without much pressure, we just give them up.  

If you’re on the hunt for a way to clear up the cable clutter on your desk, try USB hubs for convenience and fast connectivity.  

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