Thursday, January 8, 2015

Charging Station: Easy Ways for Better Organization of Mobile Devices

Let's be honest. We have more and more mobile devices and digital peripherals. The power cords get tangled and sometimes we can even get confused where to find them or how to do with the mess when they are all in charge. There seems no neat place on the table. When most of the wall sockets can only accommodate two devices each, we may even have such question, where can I plug this in?

The solution to the lack of sockets for mobile devices and the ugly jumble of cables or wires that may easily get tangled or misplaced is a charging station.

Buy a charging station that can power multiple devices simultaneously. Now charging station accepts various USB devices and can keep things neat. Get a charging station at home or in the office for tidy space.

Or try out the following ways for better organization of your devices.

The traditional way to better organize the charging space is to hide the power strip inside the drawer, which will make everything out of sight. That’s really a nice idea to clean up the mess of the power strips. Create a perfectly hidden in-drawer charging station. This solution needs no setup. Drill a hole in the back of the drawer, thread the power strip cord through and plug it in. That will off us plenty of room to charge everything.

DIY a storage box. When we buy a new electronic gadget, we may get an charging cord and adapter. DIY converted storage box to make all the cords well organized or hidden. This way get inspiration from ribbon boxes which can put away the ribbon inside and feed it through a small hole. The power strip can be placed inside and the cords of devices just fed through the holes.

The night stand recharging station here is also a great idea. It just involve dramatic before-and-after difference.

Finally a nice looking end table just replaces an upturned cardboard box. Drill holes in the back of the unit and the charging cords fed through.

This is probably the easiest solution for better organize our devices. It is a plastic bin that just costs very little. Cut small holes in the rear and lid for cables to be fed through.

The vintage case seems a classical station for our devices that can well solve the problems of tangled electronic cables. It seems not easy, but it is really clean cabling, both its aesthetics and efficiency.

DIY a charging station from a shoe box. Cut holes in a shoe box and reinforce them with grommets. Feed the cables through.

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